10. Tasks

My mom mows the lawn more often then my dad does. I personally prefer to have the bathrooms cleaned my way. I love cooking. I hate yard work. It bothers me on Sunday when my dad doesn't do the dishes when my mom has spent all day preparing a meal fit for a king.

To have the best relationship possible, share in all and every task. There is no need for the stereotypical attitudes in gender roles with household tasks. Make a good accounting of each others skills and talents. Then become flexible.

My mom always told my sisters, "If you don't want to mow the lawn after your married, never do it that first time!" Hence my mom is still mowing the lawn.


  1. HaHa who wrote this? This is so true, after an amazing Sunday dinner us kids always have to clean the kitchen to show our appreciation!! My mom and dad take turns mowing the lawn, and even cooking, my dad always does breakfast, and of course anything manly like grilling up the steaks! I need someone who will let me do the housework, because I'll be honest I don't know how to mow the lawn...

  2. My dad won't let anyone touch his lawn. You're pretty dang brave if you dare walk on it. I think my mom is safe.