2. Work and Compromise

We had been dating for a little over a month. I was completely head over heals. I assumed the feeling was mutual. On this particular night I decided it had been long enough and I thought, "I'll kiss her tonight." We had a great date. Went to a haunted house, watched a movie, and cuddled a lot. I thought to myself "Perfect! Tonight is the night."

As with all first kisses when you really like the person, I was nervous as all get out. I walked her to the door. Despite what the movie Hitch teaches about the 90/10 principle (guy goes 90% girl comes 10%), I went a 100% and gave a polite peck on the lips. I very quickly said "night" she said "night" and I ran off like a giddy school boy.

The memory kept replaying in mind "Was it good? Bad? Did she like it?"

Then my cell phone rang. I thought to myself this is either really good or really bad. She either liked it so much she wants me to go back and kiss her some more or she hated it and is extremely upset.

Unfortunately it wasn't the first, but luckily it wasn't the second either. She wanted to be completely honest and tell me about another boy she used to date, he lived in another state at that time, but she still had feelings for him.

I replied "Oh, okay... I guess if you want to hang out ever again let me know!" I thought I was getting the boot.

I really liked this particular girl so I called my brother (the love expert) and told him my predicament. My brother replied "Eric, my wife katie did the same thing. She isn't dumping you she just is such a good girl she wants to be completely honest with you. Besides any girl that is worth chasing has a few boy friends. So if you really like her you'll have to put in a little more work."

My brother and I schemed and came up with a plan. I bought a bag of chocolate kisses and wrote a note that went something like this, "I'm really sorry about last night... I respect your feelings... I hope we can still be friends and have lots of fun... I hope these chocolate kisses are more of what you like." I dropped the kisses and note off at her work before she got there.

That evening I got a one of the nicest phone calls ever received. Eventually all that work led to on of the best friendships.

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