8. Assurances

When I think of assurances I think of support.

My dad bought a brand new Ford F-250. He let me borrow it last Saturday when I took my friend Jessica horseback riding. Everything was going great. At the end of the ride I was dropping off the horses and trailer. Let's just say someone had to put the first dent in the new truck!

Anyway it was a total stupid move. My friend Jessica didn't say anything rude like "Your such an idiot, why didn't you drop the tailgate?" She was very nice, smiled, and didn't say a thing. In the end she still liked me.

Assurances are those little things that go a long ways. My Interpersonal Communications Professor said, "I love after all these years being married my wife still reminds me that I am her man and that she loves me."

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  1. Jessica looks dang cute in this picture...hope she reads this :)