1. Negotiation and Rules

One of the first steps to having a successful relationship is to negotiate and set some rules/guidelines. Currently I'm single and i've thought of a few things that might be hard for a girl to accept about me. I decided to come up with a contract that my future wife and I could negotiate. Here is my dream list going into the negotiation. If you laugh it is okay, everyone else i've told laughed as well.

1. I don't want a big house.
2. I want a water skiing boat (probably before the small house)
3. I don't want a big yard (I hate yard work)
4. Always have a bird dog or two (Dog can live outside)
5. Hunting (This is a sticky subject for most women. So going into the negotiations I'm going to ask for twenty days, knowing that after the negotiations I might get half of that, pretty smart right?)
6. Spend all the money we save having a small house on family vacations to fun places with a beach.
7. I won't tell you what to do, so don't tell me what to do!!! (Notice three exclamation points)
8. Never pull away from a kiss.
9. Tell me my lips are really soft, not that my beard is prickly when we are making out.
10. No bringing up past problems.
11. I will clean all the bathrooms.
12. I will live everyday making sure you are happy, so please do the same.

As I surfed the E-net I came across this picture. I title it "My Dream Girl"

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